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We invite you to visit the following sites to see the ShopCity platform in action:

Serving Midland, Ontario. Population 16,500. Launched April 2000, operated by with one local representative.

Serving Barrie, Ontario. Population 130,000. Launched April 2012. Operated by one community representative.

Serving London, Ontario. Population 365,000. Launched June, 2012. Operated by City Manager, Rick Kloss.

Serving Red Deer, Alberta. Population 95,000. Launched March 2014 with City Managers Brian & Elizabeth Urlacher.

Serving Muskoka, Ontario. Population 65,000. Launched September 2014 with City Managers Dee & Taija O'Riordan.

Serving Corona, California. Population 150,000. Launched May 2010 in partnership with the City of Corona Economic Redevelopment Agency.

Questions about our City Manager or other partner programs?

Click here to learn more, call 1-800-939-7706 ext. 1 or email

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